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Dansk Rustfri Kolding A/S

Quality and Environment

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Jesper Jorsal
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“While high quality and documentation is essential to our business, we use Dansk Rustfri in our Pharma division”

Purchaser, large global technology provider


Quality is always our highest priority at Dansk Rustfri Kolding A/S. Which applies both for our products, our services and to our employees and management. All our employees take pride in keeping a high quality and finish from start to finish of any production.

We never compromise when it comes to quality.

Dansk Rustfri Kolding A/S appears as a credible and environmental responsible business partner. As a company, we are recognised to comply with agreed quality levels and time of delivery. Our products meet continuously the expectations of our customers and often our finish even exceed their expectations.

Attitude to environment

While always doing our best to meet the expectations of our customers, we also do much to make sure our production is completed in compliance with running laws and regulations and with the least possible negative effect on our environment by using as little resources as possible.

Dansk Rustfri has been rewarded the Green Network diploma.


Dansk Rustfri Kolding A/S

Essen 18-20
DK-6000 Kolding
Tel. +45 76 30 03 75

Our vision

Dansk Rustfri Kolding A/S aims to be the best when it comes to production of bespoke stainless steel products and equipment.

We will deliver high quality products based on our customers’ requirements and wishes.

Dansk Rustfri Kolding A/S operates with high standards when it comes to the environment, health and safety; so that employees, customers and our surroundings see us as a role model for sustainable production.

Office hours

We are open:

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  • Saturday and Sunday: Lukket